How to maintain dc brushless motor

Brushless dc motor has the ac motor is simple, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, and dc motor running with high efficiency and good speed regulating performance advantages, but also because without being limited by the mechanical commutator, easy to accomplish the large capacity, high speed, in the aerospace, military industry, CNC, metallurgy, medical equipment and other fields has a broad application prospect. In the early 1990s, civil electrical technology began to develop rapidly, so that its electric moped has been rapid development and application, so brushless DC motor has been widely used in electric moped.

In order to make the dc brushless motor function better play, we must pay attention to daily maintenance and maintenance, but how to maintain it in order to prolong its service life, improve our work efficiency?

Dc brushless motor maintenance method:

1. Before disassembly of the BRUShless DC motor, the dust on the surface of the motor should be blown with compressed air and the dirt on the surface should be wiped clean;

2. Select the working place where the motor disintegrates and clean up the site environment;

Familiar with the structure characteristics and maintenance technical requirements of brushless DC reduction motor;

4. Prepare tools (including special tools) and equipment required for disintegration;

5. In order to further understand the defects of brushless DC motor in operation, an inspection test can be done before disassembly if conditions are available;

6. Cut off the power supply, remove the external wiring of the motor, and make a good record.

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