Technical Support

Through careful planning, selection and testing, this car has excellent performance

The world's top 1/8 off-road electric car, the Phantom, is a ROAR & IFMAR off-road car. It combines the advantages of many racing cars in the world.

Components for the car from the design, materials and electrical equipment configuration, are carefully planning, selection, testing, and thus make the excellent properties of this car, all metal large diameter shock absorbers, precision machining and floor space level T6 aluminum alloy parts, can be adjusted after the game Angle in order to cooperate with different conditions, after the former independent differential and all-weather all-wheel-drive system, The front wheels use universal drive system, adjustable tail fins, the whole car adopts high-quality bearings, flexible and stable control, strong crash-resistant body. Four lithium-powered powertrains give the car a maximum speed of 80 kilometers.

Dongguan Tengfei Model Co., LTD., founded in 2008, is mainly engaged in the design, development, production and sales of brushless motor and brushless motor electric and remote control vehicles.

Our company is located in Shijie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, with a number of experienced R & D and test engineers, mold forming, hardware processing and production and assembly workshops, to ensure that the products from development to production fast, high quality and controllable.

At present, the main products of the company are: multi-rotor aircraft, helicopter motor electric control series, glider motor electric control series, remote control racing motor, inductive motor, inductive motor and electric control series, remote control racing car, such as 1:8 off-road vehicles; 1/10 short trucks, road cars and other more than 10 models, all products have been sold to Europe, America, Japan and other places.

Tengfei continues to climb to the peak of RC career, constantly bring forth the new, and continue to provide RC enthusiasts with high quality, novel car models and power systems. Hope to explore the fun of remote control model together with the majority of model lovers!

Dongguan Tengfei company warmly look forward to cooperating with you!