Popularity of RC

Let me popularize RC first. In fact, it is the toy car that everyone thinks is the remote control plane, remote control car. Most of the real RC models are played by adults, such as aircraft models, car models, etc., ranging from a few hundred. Thousands, as many as tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, so they are toys that local tyrants can only play with. Currently, the most played are generally car models.

At present, it is mainly divided into two types: 1. Model aircraft (airplane, helicopter, flying machine, aerial photography, etc.); 2. Model car (more types)

The focus here is on model cars. The popularity of car models is still relatively high. Most of the entry-level players have a high proportion of playing cars, and the entry threshold is relatively low. Generally, you can play for a few hundred dollars.

The model cars are simply divided into several types and introduced according to the popularity of players:

1. Racing class (there are many kinds of racing class, there are gasoline cars, methanol cars and trams, including rally, short card, big feet, etc., if the beginners want to play, it will be easier to play the tram first, and the entry-level model It means that Huanqi 727, A10, etc. belong to domestic cars. For example, Hebao's short trucks belong to Taiwanese cars. The dead mice and big S big cars commonly known in the model industry are the models that are played more)

2. Climbing car (I personally think that there are several types of climbing cars. The first one belongs to the simulation type, just like Tamiya's cc01, which has a high degree of simulation, but the performance requires the performance of a simulation car; the second is Cars that belong to simulation and a little performance, such as the scx10 series, have both appearance and performance; the third type is the ghost series, and the performance accounts for a large part. Generally, the latter two are mostly used in domestic simulation climbing competitions.

3. Drift car (representative models of Sakura D4.mst.YD2, the current drift car power is changed from the previous four-wheel drive to the current rear-wheel drive, and the drift effect of the real car is more similar to that of the real car when equipped with a gyroscope)

4. Mosquito car (the domestic Weili, miniq, miniz, etc., ranging from a few hundred to five or six thousand, can be raced and drifted, and the proportion of the car is not much different from that of the Apple 6P)

Twisted waist, strong climbing ability, strong climbing car is different from other model cars. The above mentioned models belong to the climbing category, there is no competitive passion, no simulation climbing car handsome appearance, even domestic play this car There are very few people who breed cars. It is estimated that there are more than 100 players who play strong climbing cars in the country. What strong climbing cars pursue is performance. Climbing and passing are not comparable to any model car.

The strong climbing car mainly plays the control technology. The composition of the strong climbing car is received by the main frame, the pull rod, the axle, the tire, the two motors, one adjustment or two ESCs. It is composed of machine, lithium battery, remote control, etc. Here I will focus on breaking transmission. This is an electronic device that other model cars do not have. , In order to improve the climbing ability, you can modify it by yourself. After all the powerful climbers are upgraded, they are generally about 10,000. The normal RC model car battery generally uses a 2000-7000ma lithium battery, and the battery for a strong climber is generally in 550ma, in fact, is also to reduce the weight of the car. In large-scale international strong climbing competitions, many players with backpacks usually have more than a dozen lithium batteries in them!

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