RC remote control model

Many people think the RC is a children's toy, but it is not. RC is the abbreviation of English Remote Control, and RC Remote Control cars follow strict scale restrictions, both in the body size and Control effect, have a high degree of imitation, which is far from Remote Control toys can do. Unlike the static simulation car model, which pursues high degree of reduction, the RC remote control model pays more attention to the vehicle's motion performance and attitude. The swing arm, connecting rod, vibration absorber and even differential work in the same way as the real car.

The RC remote control model and the real car have the conventional ratio of 1:10, 1:8, 1:5. The main difference between the RC model and the toy remote control car is the control method of forward, backward and steering. Linear variation of throttle opening and steering Angle by remote control is a fundamental feature of the RC model, because a remote control toy car cannot do this. In terms of structure, RC model is closer to the real car. Both steering mechanism and walking mechanism are completely miniature versions of the real car. As with the real car, the RC model has a front, middle and rear motor positions, and a four-wheel drive, anti-tie four-wheel drive and pure rear drive.

Here are a few models of The RC remote control model of Takeoff:

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