The popularity of the RC

To popularize the RC for everyone, in fact that everybody thinks the drone remote control car type of toy car, the most real RC model and adults to play more, model aircraft, models, etc., for example, hundreds of thousands of less, more than tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of, as is the local tyrants to play toys, play is the most general models at the moment

At present, it is mainly divided into two types: 1. Model aircraft (aircraft). Helicopter. Jumper. Aerial photography, etc.); 2. Model cars (various types)

Here focus on the model car, the popularity of the car model is relatively high, most of the entry-level players play a high proportion of the car, the threshold of entry is relatively low, generally hundreds of pieces can play.

Model cars are simply divided into several categories according to the player's heat to introduce:

1. Racing (there are many kinds of racing, including oil car, methanol car and trolley car, including pull, short card, big foot and so on. For beginners, it is recommended to play trolley first, which will be easier to get started. Model commonly known as the dead mouse and big S bigfoot car are more models to play)

2. Climbing car (CLIMBING car I personally think there are several kinds, the first kind of simulation type, like Tamiya CC01 appearance of high imitation, but the performance of the car simulation car performance; The second kind is simulation and a bit of performance car such as SCX10 series models, both appearance and performance; The third kind is the ghost series, performance accounted for a large part of the general domestic simulation climbing competition after the two kinds of use

3. Drift car (representing the sakura D4.MST. YD2 models, the drift car power is changed from the previous four-wheel drive to the rear drive now, with gyroscope and the drift effect of the real car is more like)

4. Mosquito car (domestic Weili, MiniQ, MiniZ, etc., at least several hundred or more than five or six thousand, can race and drift, the car proportion is not much different from apple 6P)

Twist a waist, climbing ability strong, strong climbing car, and many other model cars, above mentioned belong to climbing class models, no competition like passionate, not handsome appearance simulation climbing car, or even the domestic play this kind of car are few and far between, players who play to estimate the strong climbing car also has more than hundred, climb the car is performance. Climbing and passability are not matched by any model car.

The main play of the strong climb is the steering technology, the strong climb is composed of the main frame. Pull rod. Axle. Tires. Two motors. One modulation or two electromodulation. Disconnect. Steering gear. Shock absorber receiver. Lithium battery. The remote control and so on, focus on the way here is broken, this is no other model car electronic equipment, the main role is can realize the four-wheel drive wheels, precursor, after flooding switch freely according to different terrain, the follow-up to improve climbing ability can be modified by oneself, all performance of the strong climbing after the upgrade is in commonly ten thousand or so, The normal RC model car battery usually uses 2000-7000mA lithium battery, and the battery used for strong climbing is usually in 550mA. In fact, it is also to reduce the weight of the car. In large international strong climbing competition, many players carrying backpacks usually have more than ten lithium batteries!


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