Tengfei on the principle of uav flight

Introduction: UAV can fly in the air, driven by propeller or turbofan traction, the power to drive their rotation is from the engine or motor, so since it is an motor, it needs to drive controller to control the speed and power of the motor, so as to make the aircraft fly in the air smoothly. What drives the motor? The control power core of the DRONE. - Electromodulation!

Electrical regulation is short for Electronic governor, English Electronic Speed Control, referred to as ESC, for different motors, can be divided into brush and brushless electric regulation, he adjusts the Speed of the motor according to the Control signal, but the current brushless electric regulation has far more than this one Speed regulation function. It is mainly divided into two kinds: brush electric harmonic brushless electric modulation!

Had a brush electrical modulation principle of work is through the receiver or flight control of the output PWM signal through internal microcontroller processing and output actuating signal regulating MOS drive pipe, let the MOS tube to adjust the output voltage levels, and in order to increase the output power, MCU signals from a certain switch, also to make the output voltage MOS tube with a certain frequency, Popular speaking is on, off, on, off control, this frequency is very high, this is why we now use the mobile phone charger why smaller than before, but also light, power is bigger than before the reason. The higher the frequency, the more energy it transmits per unit time, so the output with a certain switching frequency will increase the power of electrical modulation. This is how brush modulation works. Secondly, in addition to these basic functions, the later brush-electric adjustment also has auxiliary functions such as battery low-voltage protection.

Brushless electric adjustment principle is similar to brush with electrically controlled is also controlled by single chip microcomputer MOS tube to adjust the output voltage of the motor speed, but with a brush electrically controlled the biggest difference is its built-in inverter function we used to say, the output is three-phase alternating current, frequency is 8000 hz, our normal household electrical frequency is 50 hz, compared to household electricity is much higher. It is because of his high frequency, so the power of the brushless motor is large, the coil winding only a few turns (number of turns) without short circuit!

Brushless electromodulation, input is direct current, through a filter capacitor to stabilize the voltage. Both of then divided into two road, all the way is electrically controlled BEC use, BEC is for receiver and electrically controlled MCU used in power supply, the output to the receiver of the power cord is the red lines on the line and black line, the other is involved in MOS tube to use all the way, here, the electrically controlled with electricity, SCM started, drive MOS pipe vibration, make motor drops dripping sound. Standby after the start, some electrical adjustment with throttle calibration function, in the standby will monitor the throttle position is high or low or middle, high into the electrical adjustment stroke calibration, the middle of the start of the alarm signal, the electricity will beep ring, low will enter the normal working state. After all is ready, the single-chip microcomputer in the electric modulation will determine the size of the output voltage and frequency and the driving direction and Angle of how much to drive the motor speed, steering according to the signal on the PWM signal line. This is the principle of brushless electromodulation! When the drive motor is running, a total of three groups of MOS tube work within electrical modulation, two in each group, the positive output a control, a control negative output, when the positive output, negative output, not negative, the output of the output is highly, it has formed an alternating current, also, to do this work, three groups of their frequency is 8000 hz. Speaking of which, brushless electromodulation is also equivalent to a transducer or governor used on a motor in a factory!

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