Brushless DC motor

Brushless DC motor is a typical mechatronics product composed of motor body and driver. Because brushless DC motor is operated by automatic control, it will not add another starting winding on the rotor like synchronous motor with heavy load under variable frequency speed regulation, and will not produce oscillation and out-of-step when the load changes.

1: service life: usually the service life in tens of thousands of hours of this order of magnitude, but because of the different bearing brushless motor service life is also very different.

2. Energy saving: Brushless motor controlled by frequency conversion technology will save more energy than series motor, the most typical is frequency conversion air conditioning and refrigerator.

3: use effect: controlled by digital frequency conversion, controllability is strong, from a few revolutions per minute, to tens of thousands of revolutions per minute can be easily realized.

4. Maintenance: The service life is very long, usually more than 10 times that of the brush motor, but the motor needs to be replaced if it is broken, but the daily maintenance is basically not needed.

5. Parameter indicators: In addition to the dimensions, weight, voltage range, no-load current, maximum current and other parameters, there is also an important indicator --KV value, which is a unique performance parameter of brushless motor and an important data to judge the performance characteristics of brushless motor.

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